Friday, October 12, 2007

US Soccer Snob’s US Soccer Update – 10/12/07

Next week: Denilson and the state of the FIRE

MLS Prediction Central
Last Week (3-3)
SEASON (49-79)

FIRE v. United – FIRE pay for their midweek foolishness with a devastating loss.

Crew v. Revs – Not the place to get on track. Revs roll.

Wizards v. Flagship – Two teams looking for some mo’ heading to the playoffs. Sounds like a tie to me.

Dynamo v. RSL – Dynamo take out frustration on RSL players just happy to see the end is in sight!

UFC v. Gals – The Galaxy continue to make it interesting down the stretch.

Friday, October 5, 2007

US Soccer Snob’s US Soccer Update – 10/05/07

Thanks for the patience – The Snob is still preparing the new grounds to play to the teams strength. In the meantime, please enjoy this training session.


US Open Cup
Congrats to the Revs for finally getting a result out of PHP when it counted. Unfortunately, no one knows about the tournament they won thanks to the continues poor promotional efforts of the folks behind the Open Cup. Attendances do seem to be climbing, but this tournament of underdogs versus the big dogs is just the thing that casual American sports fans can get behind.

Quick Notes:
- Glad to see the Crew pick-up Glidden as a sponsor. Glidden has been stepping to the plate for a while here and now has taken the next step. If you find yourself in Home Depot, check out the Glidden paint display. They have a “Team Colors” brochure that features rooms done up in Rapids and FIRE colors.

- Garber the Don threw the gauntlet down on Rico Clark for his absurd attack on Carlos Ruiz. Garber fined Rico more than half a developmental players salary and suspended him for nine games. In effect saying, you don’t mess with stars or national broadcasts.

- Did Bruce Arena bribe Steve Morrow to pick-up Denilson? You know Il Bruce will go to great lengths to put Claudio Reyna in the best light. The Brazilian couldn't even make the Open Cup roster because Dallas could only carry five foreign players. Denilson has sunk sub-Oduro!

- Oh, look whose training with the Galaxy again (for the first time?, for the last time?) Can’t wait for the Beckham v. Blano showdown October 21. There might be a playoff spot in the balance.

MLS Prediction Central
Last Post (3-2)
SEASON (45-75)

Kansas City v United - Look for the Wizards to pull out a tie over a spent United. (although they didn’t really seem to be exerting much energy south of the border)

RSL v LA Goats – RSL is doing it’s too little too late routine once again. Should be enough for a draw.

FIRE v REVS – Another sellout for Blanco and another blown lead, but this time FIRE find a way to win and stay ahead of the crew.

Columbus v Dallas – Crew drops a fading Dallas side.

Rapids v UFC – Another playoff contender tries keep the interest of the masses as the Rapids roll over Mo’s bhoys. (Let’s face it, its not a friendly pitch to Scots.)

Dynamo v Gals
Gals playoff hopes take a hit as the Dynamo chase the West crown and the Supporters Shield in front of one of the best crowds MLS has seen (south of the US-Canada border)

The Soccer/Dynamo Power Hour
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