Friday, December 31, 2010

The Celtic Swoop

You may have noticed that Freddie Ljungberg has transferred to Celtic. Depending on his form this could really wind up being the final stage of a watershed move for MLS.

If Freddie can be a strong contributor to Celtic, it will kick open the door for players unwilling to accept transfers to Bottom 10 or Second Division (or lower teams) and rather accept transfers for DP money stateside regardless of age with the hopes of rebuilding their careers, cashing in and returning to former glories. Ironic eh?
For my money, Becks and Donovan have already proved that top caliber MLS players can step into top level European teams and be contributors. Can Freddy affirm this?

Could the MLS, make up for the next ten years be:
1. 65%- CONCACAF and fringe African up and comers (examples: Ream, Pappa, Nyarko)
2. 20% - Just shy of national team or fringe national team players from South America (Fernandez, Conde, etc.)
3. 10% -Rehabbing/Reclaimation Euro/Mexican "Stars": (Ljundberg, Castillo Collins John, etc.)
4. 2%- Retiring Euro Stars (Henry, Stoitchkov)
5. 3% - Height of power, world class (or near world class) players (Donovan, Bravo, Beckham, DeRo, Marquez)

Certainly some bone can be picked as to the time periods where I'm classifying some of these guys, but I think the major buckets have been hit. It is also important to note that without the DP rule, #3 and #5 would not even be options.

The other big Celtic/MLS story is the "unauthorized" training of DeRo with the Hoops. There is quite a bit of press over the Freddie move in Glasgow, but this DeRo thing should be the front page news. Although he is only one year younger than Freddie (32!, I know I was shocked too), he has always had "it" and would be a huge loss of MLS. Heck, just the historical significance of being the only strong pick up of the Trader Mo era makes DeRo worth keeping. Jeez, this thing is really coming full circle!

Monday, December 6, 2010

US Soccer Snob Update - 12/6

I'm just throwing this update out there as I figured I'd have the MLS news market cornered today.

A couple of things on my mind since my last post (three years ago...).

1. I think it is safe to say that the 2010 MLSCup was a disaster:
2. As was the announcement that the next playoffs will have 10 teams.
3. Speaking of unmitigated disasters: The Chicago Fire
  • De Los Cobos
  • Busch Release
  • Nery Castillo
  • Post Season: 8 departures and counting: McBride (retirement), CJ (retirement), Lowry (expansion draft), Thorrington (expansion draft), Krol (released), John (released), Ljunberg (get me out), Conde (get me out). More to come!
4. Sporting KC - Ugh, with a side of barf
5. Amazing Stadiums: From RedBull Arena and PPL Park last year to BC Place and Sporting KC next year. Crew Stadium is virtually on the scrap heap already (with Toyota Park not far behind).
6. The Denilson Award goes to Mista for outstanding underachievement.
7. The streak is alive: No designated player has ever hoisted an MLS cup. Well, I guess there was one thing to like about MLSCup 2010.

Please check out: for "real" fake soccer news.