Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Updated my list of MLS Supporters Club....true I left some off, so if you know any that I'm not reppin' please let me know.

Thankful list:
1. The FIRE will have one more fan next year (my newborn son or daughter).
2. The league finally got it's Beckham Cup.  After all, they had to deal with quite a bit of hubris to get to that point.
3. Jesse Marsh calling Houston's bluff.  You know the guy spent time in Chicago.
4. John Harkes being out of a job.  Cold hearted, yes, but man that guy could make a winning lottery ticket seem lame.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Midfield Throw-ins

  1. As you know, I'm a huge supporter of MLS fan clubs (with a special affinity for Chicago's Section 8).  Here's a great article from ESPN on the rise of the MLS fan clubs.  I've also updated the fan club links on the main page.
  2. Tell me if this sounds familiar, MLS based US defensive midfielder loses head, acts out, gets sent off and puts team in bad position.  If you are a Real Salt Lake fan, that sounds very familiar as Kyle Beckerman flushed any hope of a supporters shield down the toilet getting sent off in the 10th minute of Wednesday's game against Chicago.  If Kyle's head can't handle (or maybe it handled it too much) Daniel Paladini, how is he going to be able to handle the antics of any Central America player?  I have a feeling we may find out in the next year and will not like the results.
  3. Frank Klopas certainly didn't dream that he would have a hard time selecting a team for the Open Cup final after the triumph over Richmond.  Sure he knew he'd be facing three matches in seven days, but he surely couldn't have guessed he'd have his team in position to not only make the playoffs, but still have a shot at the division crown.  Every game is a must win now.    I think he has Interm-Manager of the Year on lockdown.
  4. Sure seems to be a number of slight, nagging injuries that pop up when Henry and Becks have to get on planes these days.  If fans outside of NY and LA are showing up to see Henry and Becks, then that ticket purchase is a gamble these days isn't it?
  5. Since Open Cup matches go to the highest bidder and attendances have been good, you think they could pony up a bit more for the finalists.  $50K for the runner-up, ouch!  And only twice that for the winner.  Sell the naming rights and pump some cash into this grand old tournament. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday Night Football

I love the NFL and I'm happy that its back and that my beloved Bengals are amazingly 1-0, but the real show is tomorrow on Fox Soccer Channel, where the stakes top Week 1 in the NFL!
CONCACAF Champions League Showdown: USA V. Mexico
8PM EST - The Galaxy travel to Morelia to try to keep MLS perfect record in Mexico entact (I have to use it while we got it!).  I'm sure the accomodations and hospitality won't be anything Robbie Keane hasn't seen before in Europe.
11PM EST - Defending champs Rapids take on Bob Bradley snubbers Santos Laguna at the Big Sporting Goods Park.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few thoughts

A.On Facebook, Fox Soccer just asked "What EPL stadium would you most like to visit?" My answer, Craven Cottage of course. A sampling of some other answers:
1. Ibrox
2. Wembley Stadium
3. Estadio De Luz

Granted, Facebook is not my go to source for soccer knowledge, but come on people!

B. Congrats to FC Dallas for breaking the MLS curse in Mexico. Now I can laugh whenever I see a Pumas jersey.

C. A statement by the Eddie Gavenless Columbus Crew last night. Looks like a few Columbians have started to notice that a first place team is back at MLS' First stadium.

D. Victory for the Dynamo and MLS Academies as Alex Dixon fired the Orange into second place in the eastern conference with the last kick of the match.