Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few thoughts

A.On Facebook, Fox Soccer just asked "What EPL stadium would you most like to visit?" My answer, Craven Cottage of course. A sampling of some other answers:
1. Ibrox
2. Wembley Stadium
3. Estadio De Luz

Granted, Facebook is not my go to source for soccer knowledge, but come on people!

B. Congrats to FC Dallas for breaking the MLS curse in Mexico. Now I can laugh whenever I see a Pumas jersey.

C. A statement by the Eddie Gavenless Columbus Crew last night. Looks like a few Columbians have started to notice that a first place team is back at MLS' First stadium.

D. Victory for the Dynamo and MLS Academies as Alex Dixon fired the Orange into second place in the eastern conference with the last kick of the match.

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