Tuesday, February 6, 2007

FFF: Can you please just fade away?

Tuned in tonight to watch "Nick and Steve" on Fox Football Fone-in and Nick had been replaced with Max Brentos. What a lovely surprise! Normally I would never tune into this program due to it being everything that is wrong with soccer programming in this country, however I gave it a shot after they actually talked about American Soccer for an entire program a few weeks ago. All of 10 minutes of two hours were devoted to the state of the sport in the country that these folks reside in. No surprise since, unless you are speaking about some British ex-pat, N&S have no answers and look like deer in the headlights. But Max! We expect more from your. The ten minutes grudgingly conceded to US soccer were a terrible discussion about the US v. Mexico game which resulted in Max predicting a 1-1 draw and Steve mumbling a 2-1 Mexican triumph. No discussion about why these results might occur. Another minute was devoted to the MLS schedule and the fact that it was released. Steve took this opportunity to improperly predict Becks first appearance. And then it was back to the EPL. How about the RSL stadium situation? How about Toronto's amazing season ticket sales without even taking the pitch? How about the Revs retaining Twellman, Joseph and John due to MLS snubbing low-ball offers from across the pond. Perhaps Steve was to busy kissing his Chelsea shield to notice these events. N&S (and now Max) just re-affirm the view that nobody cares about MLS. I must be honest. This show makes me physically sick!

The anti-dote of course is American Soccer on GolTV and Glenn Davis' tremendous Soccer Hour radio program. If you talk about it, they will call! Davis proves that week in week out.

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