Sunday, March 25, 2007

US Soccer Update - 3/24/07

Galaxy Livin’ the Life, BMO Deepens Committment
LA signed a five year pact with Herbalife for jersey sponsorship rights this week. The deal pays between $3.5 and $5 million annually. This is a great sign for the league because the team got the money it was looking for, unlike the Fire, which settled for a low-ball stadium naming rights deal last year after some other deals fell through. The Galaxy jersey sponsorship basically pays for Beckham’s footballing contract, so the financial ship seems to be afloat.
Meanwhile, BMO is now figuratively and literally draping all that is Toronto FC. Financial terms of the agreement are not available at this time, however this agreement continues Toronto’s unreal off the pitch success. The final piece of the puzzle for TFC is the TV contract, which from all indications has everything but the ink from Rogers Sportsnet on it.

MLS Hits the Journal
A sure sign that soccer isn’t for communists! As Al Pachino said about the Wall Street Journal in “The Insider”, it isn’t “exactly a bastion of anti-capitalist thought.” Jon Weinbach wrote a very positive article about MLS, basically summarizing the momentus off season the league is emerging from. There were a few revalations in this piece, such as all 28 MLS games on ESPN networks will be available in HD, Target will be pushing MLS gear and Addias has seen strong presales of MLS gear.

The mess that is the Revs
Now we all know the Rev’s aren’t my favorite team, but they are having some major issues getting their house in order. First, Clint Dempsey books overseas to ride the pine at Fulham. Not exactly something to rap about. The Revs reap a windfall from his transfer fees. Then Joey Franchino is stripped of his captaincy and is nabbed by the law for driving with expired plates. Noonan does down again, then they decide to dick around Shalrie Joeseph on his contract after the guy does nothing but solidify their defense for the last three seasons. What gives?

US v. Ecuador
Raymond James stadium will likely have nearly 30,000 in attendance early Sunday as BB the King and crew finally take full advantage of a FIFA match date. Looks like US Soccer finally decided to verify their subscription to FIFA’s e-mail list. Here’s my proposed line-up for the Ecuador match:
Dolo Gooch Conrad Spector
Dempsey Carroll Feilhaber Beasley

The absense of Rico Clark and Mastroeni (out for a hush, hush surgery) really creates a midfield defensive hole. Beasley has always been an excellent defender (on US soil) and should be able to help out the experimental mids.

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