Tuesday, November 20, 2007

US Soccer Snob’s US Soccer Update – 11/20/07

Quick congrats to the Dynamo for their back to back championships. Thanks for again proving that Steve Nichol’s defensive take on EPL football just doesn’t cut it in this league at the highest level and that attractive football will rule the day! But enough on this, we got a team to stock.

Some tremendous quality available here, but I see Yallop tending to get players the have either: trade value, played for Yallop, MLS experience or significant upside. Who will not be selected then: players who are major question marks to either ruin chemistry (Amado Guevara, Clint Mathis, Andy Herron). You,ve to weigh in the value proposition of these players, after we will be playing MLS Moneyball next year. Given that my predictions have been so spectacular this year, I give to your 2008 San Jose Earthquakes:

1. Pat Onstad – just the ultimate draft player, experience, former Yallop guy, and a sure fire trade bait with UFC.
2. Ned Grabavoy – In the shadow of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Grabavoy had a tremendous season and is finally on a strong upward swing.
3. Mike Petke – A model MLS defender for years.
4. Kelly Grey – Former Quake and Yallop player.
5. Andrea Lombardo – His first year trial by fire will be a boon going forward.
6. Josh Gros – a versatile back, mid who was a key cog in DC’s string of wins this year.
7. Andy Dorman – The underappreciated Dorman found himself on the bench despite a fast start. Dorman is bargain basement player who easily returns the investment every year.
8. Ivan Guerrero – His pace and experience makes him dangerous in this league, but his injuries might prevent a move from the Fire.
9. Clarence Goodson – FC Dallas was just better with Goodson who scored some clutch goals this year.
10. Alan Gordon – Another former Yallop guy who has big, big upside.

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